nose cone and bonnet rubbing off paint

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I found someone on eBay selling the small sachets of Sugru- probably not the cheapest way to buy it, but for £4 I’ve got a pack of yellow Sugru to have a play with. I think I’ll roll it out like pastry, then cut it into thin rectangular strips and attach them to the rubbing areas. With luck, I’ll have a thin piece of silicone rubber to act as a rubbing strip. 

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Hi Tom

I'd be interested in seeing the result. Could you post a few piccy's when you do this. Ta!

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Will, might experiment with some blu-tak first.  

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I noticed the risk of this when I first got the car, so just cut some neoprene tape (ex Amazon as someone already pointed out), double it over so it isnt sticky and slide under the two areas of contact on my nose cone. As someone also pointed out, it does slightly alter the fitment lines and its a hassle to remember and do it every time.

Where the bonnet contacts the body down the sides of the engine bay, I have paint protection film on the body and insulating tape on the bonnet contact points. The combination works well and has no signs of wear. 






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I've found that using the sticky strip down the sides, the strip is eventually pushed out of place as the bonnet vibrates, so after a thousand miles or so, the strip is sticking out of the sides and the bonnet is rubbing on the sides again.


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Could rubber beading work? Loads of sizes available.