Over 70s face driving curfews, trackers and distance limits

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Colin Cooper
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"With certain medical conditions" seems to be the main phrase here. So no need for a mass panic just yet.



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"Drivers over the age of 70 with certain medical conditions could be subject to limits such as night-time curfews and restrictions on how far they could travel in return for keeping their licences".

I'm 67 so approaching this potential risk - if it ever happens. However, "certain medical conditions" seems to me to be a fairly logical and pragmatic approach. Not much of a story really. Night time curfews? Have a laugh. I've had my Ovaltine by 10pm (admittedly with a shot of Baileys)...Drink 

paul jacobs
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More to the point is the fact that everyone should have to pass the standard driving test every 5 years, this will weed out all those people who cannot be bothered to reach a certain level as well as keeping standards up for the rest.  It would be self financing but unpopular for the government who is brave enough to instigate it.

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Regular eye tests should be compulsary and not only for 70+. I overheard a terrifying conversation when I had my cataract assessment. Discussion between nurse and patient was fairly short but boiled down to her telling the man that his cataracts were so thick they couldn't perform all of their diagnostic tests. "YOU MUST NOT DRIVE". 

I requested a referral after two darkly dressed pedestrians suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere along a straight tree lined road in mid summer. My wife's response was to tell me to slow down. Which may explain why so many people drive everywhere at 30-35 mph. 


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Seems like the usual badly thought through claptrap to me. 

Arguably sensible to limit those with dementia, epilepsy and other serious disabilities, but why wait until they're 70?

Especially when the worst age for having accidents is several decades earlier