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2006 K-series 1.8 (180+ BHP) SV for sale

Unfortunately, due to a house move, I need to sell my 7 :o(

It is a factory built, blue with silver stripe, 2006 SV Roadsport with a 1.8 K-series with 5-speed gearbox and LSD with just over 22,000 miles on the clock.

It has been through the DVA workshop and now puts out over 180BHP.  I have had a Powespeed 4-2-1 fitted and had it re-mapped to improve torque.  It has also been through the DPR Motorsport workshop for a flat-floor setup.

Lowered drivers floor, full weather kit and tonneau cover, easy seatbelt-style clasp 4-point harness, leather seats, heater, service history, Momo quick release steering wheel, heated windscreen, battery cut off switch, carpeted interior, 12v socket, lots of receipts and documents (see below), both sets of keys, spare wheel, Apollo cavitation tank and lots of nice upgrades as part of the DVA tuning.
I have always looked after it, kept it garaged and had it regularly serviced and repaired if anything needed doing, so it is in perfect condition.

In my view, it is the ultimate road-spec car and looks stunning.

£21,000.  I am located in Lightwater, Surrey (just off J3 of the M3 at GU18) if anyone would like to view it?

Hello all,

Still for sale if anyone is interested?

It's a lovely looking car with a great spec and nice colour combo too - I suspect it might be a little over-priced as you are into K R300 (maybe R400) money at £21k... but I am no expert...

I'm sure you've spend a few £s on it - particularly with those engine mods, but you don't always get it all back I'm afraid when compared with a standard factory tuned version.

Thanks for your comments. I guess I am open to reasonable offers​, but it is very much R400 power and spec and in great condition, so that was my thinking on the price...

Have you tried talking to Sevens & Classics as I understand they are happy to offer advice to sellers etc - just a thought?

No I haven't; I'm not sure what would be in it for them to help me sell my car?

But a quick glance at their site shows they have sold a few cars for similar money to mine (although I couldn't see any comparable SVs):
http://www.sevensandclassics.com/showroom/caterham-7-superlight-r-2/‌ - 8 years older and 18k more miles
http://www.sevensandclassics.com/showroom/caterham-7-supersport-213‌/ - 7 years old
http://www.sevensandclassics.com/showroom/caterham-7-roadsport-vhpd-190/ - 5 years older

So although mine is a private sale, which would put it at slightly less, that would be offset by the extra years these all had wouldn't it?

Also, if I wanted a decently powered SV from them, this is the cheapest they currently have:
Which even if I liked orange and wanted to loose 20+ BHP, I would still have to find another £4,000 over mine to buy!


I guess they could give advice on price etc. I'm sure they've even sold cars for people for a small commission payment - that might help you get the higher price you are asking? They are a friendly bunch, so a short call to them really might help.

The links you've posted aren't working for me, but from what I can read in the physical links, most of them are pukka Caterham 'performance' models... SLR, VHPD, R300 etc... which goes back to my earlier point...

Also, they are unlikely to publish what the cars actually sold for.

SV's will usually attract a premium over S3's due to less around. Seems a reasonable price to me Thumb Up

The Completely Superior Ride Seven Wink

Hmm, odd on the links, it seems their site doesn't like you using a link without navigating to it from within their site?!

No, they wouldn't publish the end price I'm sure, but they do still have the asking price, which is all I have on mine at the moment too...

I might give them a call and see what they say...

I've sent you a message regarding the car if it is still for sale. 

Yes, it is still for sale. I saw your message and will get on to that now... Thanks.