Duratec TTV racetclutch and lightweight flywheel

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Hanns Per
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Duratec TTV racetclutch and lightweight flywheel

Did run only 150 km when I noticed a raceclutch  is nothing for me.

used it only for 150 km on a new built engine for running in engine and clutch.

​TTV Racing 184-2801 Twin plate competition clutch 7,25" 184mm 1"x23

pictures and more info welcome to send.

SBD Duratec 7,25" flywheel 2,8kg look for 510 Pund or 600 euro

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Can't help with the sale, but if it is just the snatch'y'ness of that clutch then Helix do an organic and a sprung organic 7.25" clutch. That's what I have fitted and it is just like a normal clutch pulling away in traffic - no need for loads of revs everytime!

57-1001 plate (sprung organic 7.25" 25.4-23T (Ford) plate) and a 63-210GTP cover (the TP is to suit a flat CRB).

Those are the numbers I'm using on my Zetec to a Type9 gearbox... might be a starting point.