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Specific race parts from a Caterham Academy / Super Graduate 1.6 K series

Hi everyone,

Just testing the water as they say ... In the next few months I' ll start with some changes on a 12/2004 Academy / Super Graduate I have bought. Goal is to adapt the car more to road use.

Parts that will become available are:

1. extinguisher system

2. high level brake lights

3. high level fog light

4. DL1 data logger, transponder, ...

5. Aces shift lights

6. side intrusion bar

Any intrest?

Jumpin' Jack Flash

I'd hang onto 2 and 5 !!

Definitely keep the high level brake light Yvan !

Going against the trend, is no. 2 available? If so which version is it and how much are you asking?



I'd be interested in the shift lights 

Christian Palmer 
Dorset AR (Dorset Sevens)
[email protected]

I may be interested in the transponder - depending on price.

I'd sell the data logger as a seperate sale. 


Interested in the data logger and transponder - price.



I'm do exactly the same thing . I also think your car raced against mine too 



Hi everyone,

I must have missed a couple of answers. Some parts have been sold. I' ll make an update at the end of the month.

Just to clarify on the side intrusion bar. I assume it is the older style and not one of these? https://caterhamparts.co.uk/5396-home_default/side-impact-bar-metric-rh-s3.jpg

Still have mine for sale