2019 Round 11 - Curborough 8

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Comp Sec
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2019 Round 11 - Curborough 8

Please see the following results from todays event : here

Championship standings after 11 rounds. here

Richard Price
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What a contrast to last year.... It was as hot yesterday as it was wet last year.....

My T2 video is here:-


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Thanks to all the marshals and officials enduring the heat of Sunday. Enjoyed the event, good fun, see you all at Blyton (providing I survive Three Sisters this weekend!).


Graham Howard
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And this is the moment that unusually made me the recipient of yellow trowel...


Also thanks to the marshals for sweeping up after me and recovering my front wing which flew off in T1!


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My runs are as below..

A frustrating day - however a well deserved victory by Richard, a great run by Rob and a welcome return to Jeff Smith!

I tried hard, a little too hard at times, however my efforts are here:


I think i borrowed Tom Price's tyres for the final run, they did seem to let go fairly violently..

Thanks to all who organised the event! as usual a fantastic event, a great Saturday evening catching up with fellow competitors and getting the usual ribbing!

Thoughts also to Mike Sankey following his excursion! hope you're not too sore dad!

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My slower T2 here: https://youtu.be/WDRQUPqLFFc

The GoPro decided to throw a wobbler for my T1 :-(

Jeff S
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Big thumbs up too for "Peter Kay's" commentary on Sunday, very informative for all the spectators and competitors.

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so my best run of 57.42  of course did go quicker in P2 typically and then went slower as day wore on...

and for your viewing pleasure here is my P1 triple stall run Weeping


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Thanks Danny, and to all the marshals and recovery who came to help.

Luckily not sore anywhere - except probably the wallet, but it looks like it is just the rear basket that needs sorting and reskinning .....again! I will have a proper look over the next week or so and then a trip to Arch. I was going to miss Blyton and Wiscombe anyway - so just need to get it all back together for next year.