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Alan Bowler
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+1 for me please. 

[No banana skins in mine this time please]

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Justin, put me down for a place please?

Thanks Graham

Comp Sec
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I would like a space too please. I know I should know how this works but I haven't a clue.....first time at Anglesey.

Thanks Graham 

Graham Howard - Competition Secretary   Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2021    
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It seems like we can organise ourselves nearer the time to get some extra garage space, and cover everyone on this post - even Tony.  

I will ask for some help from a few others to put applications in on the release date in September to help make sure we secure at least an additional garage over our three allocation, assuming that happens. Then we can fill them up from this thread as it is as good a list as any that we have.  

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Looking at the entry list there are currently 40 competitors from Lotus 7 Club so there may be a few garage places wanted, i would like  a space please

Garages have usually been filled with cars from the same Class if possible so that they all leave the garage at the same time for a run. Thank Clive 


chris whitlow
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Me too please Justin.

Jonathan H
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A place for my please
John Clarke
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Afternoon Justin, if there is a list being compiled could you add me also please


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It looks like Justin has been appointed chief garage arranger Hehe

@Graham. In previous years the organisers have allocated 3 garages to the L7C and then one or two enterprising individuals have booked extra ones as needed - IIRC there is a charge for this but I couldn't swear to it. Perhaps you could check with Longton.

We'll need 5 garages to cover the entries so far. EZ-ups are great but a garage is better Yes especially considering the wide range of possible weather possible at Anglesey Biggrin

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Could you add team Boston to  the list  please.

Many thanks