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I would like to be added to the list as well please. Cheers Charlie
Comp Sec
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Thanks for the info Shaun, I will check with Longton.

Graham Howard - Competition Secretary   Northampton Motorsport Lotus Seven Club Speed Championship 2021    
Steve Causey
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I plan to be at Anglesey so would also like to join the garage list please.



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I seem to think that the cost is about £50.00 per garage, plus the deposit for the key. I would imagine that all entrants will want a garage space, I certainly do, so I suggest that we reconvene close to the booking date, and organise ourselves to get at least 5 garages booked, assuming that the organisers will let us.

I would, of course, need to be in the same garage as Alan Bowler to arrange the traditional banana skin. It wouldn't be the same without.

Paul C

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Garages will cost £125 and applications can be made on 21st September.  There are only 11 garages in total.  

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Please add Us to the list. I am happy to have a go at booking a garage on the alotted slot in Sept. We were successful last time. In fact, I seem to remember we were too organised and ended up with too many garages and were 'politely' asked to offer one back ..

Jon & Charlotte

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Hi Justin,

Please add me to the class 3 garage list.

Much appreciated.


rob spencer
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A spot in a garage for me too please 


Grahame W
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I could do with the shelter as well if we end up with enough spaces

In the past we were only allocated one garage and any others were booked 'privately'

If lucky with the booking then once it is clear that we have enough space then in the past we have 'given' back any excess garages promptly and they have been greatfully received



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Hi Justin

if any spaces available, please add me to the list

Jeremy D