Clarification on championship classes

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Aeroscreens- My car actually came with ZZRs, a 1C tyre and so I bought a set of ZZSs, and did a few trackdays to get used to the 1Bs I thought I would be using.

Not all ZZR's are 1C, if they are the original spec tyre they are 1B. You could run in class 5 on them if you wanted but it makes absolutely no sense when you could run in class 4 and be more competitive!

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I have just spoken at length to Chris Bramall and now have a much clearer understanding of how the classes have been structured in light of a new blue book.

I didn't have have issues with HANS per se, it was rather my lack of understanding of "Safety (K) regulations for modified cars".

Chris kindly informed me that being a later car, I should already have the alternative shoulder strap mounting points hidden under the boot cover. I checked and he is correct. I only built the thing this year and hadn't remembered or even noticed this Banghead

Looks like an afternoon moving the harness points today, a trip out for a Simpson Hybrid tomorrow and signing up for class 5 the following day as the entries open.

TRP you are quite correct. I will keep my ZZRs for trackdays as I really rate them when they get some heat into them.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and input. Calm has been restored.