Driver coaching/training

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Driver coaching/training

I was just wondering whether anyone has had any driver coaching before and could advise/recommend on how you go about setting it up? I'm based in Sheffield, so would ideally like to do something local - perhaps Curborough or Blyton? I've competed in a couple of the Sprint Championship rounds and have quickly come to the conclusion that I am the weakest link!! Many thanks in advance for any suggestions

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You could do a school day at Harewood hillclimb for speed event specific training. Another option could be to try and do a curborough day with some experienced sprinters. I'm not sure the tuition you get on a trackday would be particularly helpful, my only tuition as such has come from my dad though so I'm not particularly well qualified to advise!

Nick Chan
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" my only tuition as such has come from my dad though so I'm not particularly well qualified to advise!"

Tom, you make it sound like your dad was out teaching you with L plates on a Sunday! If so he hasn't done a bad job... Hehe

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Further afield I can reccomend both Car Limits (North Weald) and Don Palmer (Bruntingthorpe).


Car Limits is as simple as finding a free date on the website and booking. Don't worry about finding other people, they'll fill the day up for you (a 4 person day is fine for the first time). Don is probably best if you call him.

Both are more focussed on handling the car around/over the limit of grip rather than reading the circuit, although Don probably has more scope to tailor his training around what you want.

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you should have PM.

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I have been thinking similar thoughts after some ups and downs this season. I know a few years ago, some folks got together and booked Blyton for the day and a coach. I think he covered 4 (?) drivers with the remaining slots for driving opened up to others as a practice day to help with the circuit hire. I was thinking of exploring something similar for Charlotte & I next spring after seeking advice from the ‘speed collective’. Happy to share something with you.

I would be interested in the thoughts of others..? Sadly the only person who I remember doing the Blyton session has not competed for a few years. 


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Given my complete lack of empathy with the car this year some sort of tuition was a thought that had passed through my mind.  I shall be keeping a close eye on this thread.

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I used to run teaching days at Curborough.

I would be up for doing the same.  There are many people who attended those days still competing.

It ran a little differently to other types of days.

Perhaps those who attended could comment on the benefits or experience.