Fire extinguisher question

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Fire extinguisher question

Whilst I know it is not mandatory, I would like the peace of mind of having one... My question is which? Does it need to be a certain size? The blue book doesn't seem to specify this, but does seem to recommend the electrical version over the mechanical (3.2.7 Method of Operation: The preferred method of operation is electrical which should have its own source of energy for triggering, ideally with provision for checking the integrity of the systems triggering circuit) .

And then what are the pros and cons to mounting position - passenger footwell vs boot. I suspect that the electrical one would be easier to set up with the switch rather than the cable pull. as it needs to be next to the electrical cut off (although maybe that is simple if it is in the passenger footwell).

3.2.2 The triggering point from the exterior must be positioned close to the Circuit Breaker (or combined with it) and must be marked by the letter “E’’ in red inside a white circle of at least 10cm diameter with a red edge.

I thought I read that the systems should be mounted to prevent torpedoing - but can't see that in the blue pdf er book...

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You are correct that a fire extinguisher is not a mandatory requirement, and whilst section K.3 does provide some details, you need to have a look at Section K, Appendix 3, on page 208, which gives you all the information you are probably looking for as the current standard detailed in Section K,3 is only applicable to the end of 2021. 

As far as i'm aware In real terms there are very few Caterhams competing in the championship who have a fire extinguisher fitted, where they were not originally race cars to start off with, where it is a mandatory requirement. 

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I'm a bit paranoid about fire as I've had 2 (non 7) cars catch fire on me.

The regs are changing at the end of 2021 so I've future proofed myself with a replacement new system, boot mounted.

I spoke to a good supplier for advice on both the regs (which aren't that clear IMO) and the options.