Harewood Hillclimb a very odd day.

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Tony Smith
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The video no longer exists.

I have deleted it so that it can do no further harm!!!!!

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In Class 5 both myself and Mike beat the class record in practice but Mike went another step further and managed a 61.10, his previous best and class record was 62.63. All for nothing sadly....

Saw the unfortunate car on a flat-bed in the trailer park, engine shoved right back into the bulkhead, but the main cell and cage looked to be in good shape and no broken windows although the driver's door was missing. Fingers crossed that the driver is ok.

As you'll see from the photo below the corner of the building has been substantially damaged. Not surprising the meeting was subsequently cancelled.



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Richard Price
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Hi Phil,

'a little late to the party here after a couple of long days at work :-(

It was a great run! Our sector times were very closely matched. Now, If only I could have matched your 64' time.....

'see you at Curborough!

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Congratulations Phil. A brilliant run and a great shame it won't count.

Like everyone else I was concerned about the driver who crashed but he put a post on Facebook where he said that he is OK. 

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Roger - thats good to know