Intro to Sprinting Day Curborough 18th September

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Intro to Sprinting Day Curborough 18th September

Hi Fellow Sprinter
Do you enjoy sprinting?  Well obviously!  What's not to like. 
Did you attend an intro to sprinting day, or do you wish you had, before your started?
If you have time, I wonder, if you might post on ChitChat what good fun (driving and social) sprinting is, and what an enjoyable and worthwhile day the intro to sprinting event is as a way in.  Currently we are trying to get drivers signed up.
BTW, thanks to all of you who volunteered to help.  More on this later.
Thanks in anticipation.



Andrew Gilbert
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The only real downside to sprinting is the waiting time between runs. I know thats subject to the number of car places but at times you could be waiting over an hour before you go again.

For me its no biggie but for many they don't see the enjoyment over say a trackday so tend to not investigate further.

I've tried to push this as a good sport to be involved in, even if like me you do local events and not the club events as traveling just adds to the costs.

Its a good day out. I do hope many will have a go.

Love a HPC

1992 HPC vx2.0 c20xe goodness....

Tony Smith
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when your driving is limited to 4,5 or maybe 6 runs of between one and two laps it really concentrates your mind and is so much more intense than a track day. Add to that the often very close competition where one tiny slip will cost you several places, it gets very exciting and not a little scary.

But the real beauty of sprinting and hill climbs is the rhythm of the day, preparing yourself and the car for the next run then coming down afterwards and comparing times and videos, before preparing again. The day goes by so fast and with such a nice bunch of like minded and fun people, well most of them anyway!!

I started at the intro to sprinting day 7 years ago and am now completely addicted.

Its really worth a try whatever you preconceptions.


Did I ever mention that I was once 2nd in class at Blyton!!!