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Graham Howard
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Alan, I will go halves on some class 3 tyres for David.....!

Chris you have done a fantastic as Compsec and it really sad that you are leaving that position. I am sure you won't be able to keep away. Looking forward to seeing you and Matt during this season. 

Tony Smith
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David, you will be welcolmed with open arms into class 3.

Only condition is you have to go faster than Dick Dastardly Matchwick!!!

 We can't have him getting too full of himself!!

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I have no idea what has been going on , I can only say to Chris that he has been an excellent Comp Sec, and I have had the best of times ( experiences rather than actual times) during my 7 to 8 seasons of sprinting, and my thanks and support to the competition team that has made it possible,and they have my full support going forward .

Philip Matchwick.

Geoff Corker
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I am pleased to hear that I am not the only one who has been in complete ignorance of what has been going on within the management structure of the Club and I wish to reiterate everything that has been said about the exemplary manner in which the Speed Championship has been run whilst I have been involved over the last 5 years.

Chris has refined the Championship into an operation that is admired by the organisers of all the events we attend.  He will continue to have my full support whatever he decides is right for him, but we really do not want to lose him.  Team Bramall are an essential part of any Paddock where the 7 Championship rolls up.

As for David I am sure Class 2 would offer a better place for him to demonstrate is skills as I don't want to be pushed even further back.*rofl*


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This thread reminds me I need to enter the championship at some point!  Also to look at the car at some point that is still sat on the trailer since Wiscombe...

As for trouble maker he can have my 2nd hand slicks and come and play in class 7, if that will appease the class 2/3 mob.


PS Chris and others that make this happen Thumb Up

Steve Causey
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Agree with all the previous sentiments regarding the great job Chris has done as CompSec.

Like most others I have no idea what's been going on but I'm extremely p---ed off that Chris is being driven from his role for reasons that I don't understand by invisible people who have also decided that he can't be reappointed for the next 3 years.

I support the proposal from Mark Durrant that he, Martin and Nick takeover the leadership of the Club on a interim basis.  Unless Chris has committed some heinous crime, which I doubt, I hope that they can find a way to keep him in the CompSec role, although I fear there may have been too much water under the bridge for him to be willing to do that.

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Guys for the avoidance of doubt, 

I am not being driven from my role as CompSec, it is that the MT as a whole has become none functional and the whole MT is being refreshed.

The reason I am standing down as Director is based around the actions of others on the MT and the abuse which is going off, which is causing myself & others harm.

I am 100% behind the decision to stand the current MT down and refresh the whole thing, as no one on the MT can be considered free from any taint due to the number of differing views and opinions on what has happened, the only effective and fair way was to completely refresh. There are a number of us who have pledged to support those who come into the role to ensure an effective transition, so there will be new faces on the MT, hopefully with fresh ideas to build on the good bits from the past.

Don't forget I would have been going at the end of 2021 anyway as thats what I have always said, so someone new would be being phased in during 2021 to be fully in post, just needs to happen a bit earlier.

With the benefit of hindsight I would not recommend anyone taking on the role for longer than three years., it's about the right time to get upto speed, have time to enjoy it and move on before it gets too much. 

There is a lot of half truths floating around ChitChat, and I don't have the energy or the will any more to waste time & effort trying to explain how things actually are versus how they are being twisted. And if there is anything which is going to push me away its that. 

Please respect my decision, and provide the support and understanding to whoever stands up to take over as compsec, as I remember how big a task it felt when I took over, and that was despite being involved for two years prior with the scoring.

If you are considering it, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call, you have my details.

Chris Bramall - Deep in the YoSDeNS area...

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