Speed Event Whatsapp group

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Alan Bowler
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Speed Event Whatsapp group

Feedback on the Whatsapp group we used at Curborough, for timings (and my requests for spares!), was very positive. I've created a Wiscombe group, and that can be used for events generally, where its more convenient than SMS/blatchat.

If you would like to join the Wiscombe/Speed Event group, message me or blatmail me your phone number.

Now I don't want to complicate this, but:
- with Whatsapp your name & phone number are shared with other members of the group
- if anyone leaves/re-joins etc, respect that, and don't abuse their contact details unless ok with them
- don't share other peoples contact details around
- the group is for specific speed event timing photos/assistance/banter

Anything of more general interest, lets keep it on Blatchat.