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Orange near Beachy Head around 2pm.

Hi nice car on a nice road on a nice day Smile

I only had two of those three, I was in a red Citroern C1 heading to Birling Gap


What's wrong with a little C1 Duncan?

Our family hack is an 11 year old 1.25 Fiesta. (baby sigma engine)  I love driving it.

I wasn't hanging around, but would have preferred to be in the Seven but needed more seats. It's much better along that road since they resurfaced it.

Hi Duncan, it was us - last day of our holiday so went out for a blat in the sunshine and over to a nice little tearoom in Hooe before heading home to start work at 4pm.  Sorry we didn’t see you in your C1.  Cheers, Peter

I can't believe I didn't recognize you but as we were doing over 50, the closing speed would have be 100 + Smile