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Thanks all.

Will definitely look at the Demon Tweeks mirrors, they seem simple.

I'm spoilt for mirrors on my VW Transporter and wouldn't be without them, plus when I did an HGV 1 yonks back, side mirrors are/were invaluable. It astounds me when I see people driving these days with their mirrors folded in...presumably as they are scared of damaging them...the same people can't judge gaps to drive though with all their squeaking internal devices showing them how to be better drivers! Back in the early 70s my instructor always said use your mirrors as a cat uses its whiskers...it all works. I just think, 39thou to a mm, so a few mm either side, gets me through a gap..slight joke of course, but why do big SUVs (often driven by women) need the whole road, when a 6ft gap will allow your 5ft 6" car through...you can tell I'm a grumpy old mid 60s git!