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3rd high level brake light

Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a high(er) level brake light for road use. There's lots of different options out there but I'm wondering if anyone has tried Caterham's race brake light:


At the moment this is my preferred solution but I'm just a little concerned about the legality and aesthetics of the install. Ideally I would like to fit a light around the "X" in the FIA roll bar. 

Any thoughts and a photo of fitted example that would be  greatly appreciated.




Hi Andy,

I fitted one a few years ago using a P'Clip fixed around the centre of the FIA bar, although I only had a single diagonal.  Nice and bright and in the perfect position, unfortunately I don't have any pictures.  The other option, which i have also done on another car, is an LED strip light from Car Builder Solutions.  I trimmed off the plastic lugs with a Stanley knife and you can glue, cable tie or velcro it to the underside of the top of the roll bar.  Again it's a good position and can still be seen from under a half hood.

Would recommend buying the wiring loom from Caterham (if they have stock) as it makes it a very easy job.

Good luck.


Edited to add picture of the second option


and I found couple of option 1



48LED from Car Builder Solutions.

What Stu says, and there's a lot on related options in the archives including a Guide, but unfortunately it's scattered across multiple threads.

Added lights of this sort probably won't breach regulations for use on public roads, and are very unlikely to cause a problem at MoT inspections.


PS: We finally cracked how to show a Dropbox image inline.


If you fit race light on the cross it will seriously interfere with rear vision. Go with 48 LED strip under top of roll bar and use the high level brake light loom from Caterham. Makes the installation very easy.

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Many thanks for the response.

I have considered fitting a strip-light to the top rail but as I haven't yet got a half hood. Ideally I'd still like to keep the option to use the full hood in the future, so would prefer to fit something lower.

One of the suggested options looks good were a round race light has been installed behind the "X". I'll give this some more thought. I've seen it said that LED race light need an inline resistor. Can anyone suggest a suitable example and where it could be obtained - I'm totally inept!

I quite like the look of the below which shouldn't be overly big and obscure too much if installed vertically. This one can be set to flash, so would a resistor still be required if used as a brake light?


Thanks again,


How I mounted mine





Mine is bonded with the same stuff used to glue the front wings on - Tigerseal or Sikaflex. I held it in place with a couple of cable ties while the adhesive cured meaning light at least is neatly flush against the roll bar. What annoys me more is the wire - it is currently is taped under the bar and covered with black insulation tape and looks a bit like a bodge. Id rather have it routed through the bar, but that would required drilling holes and feeding the wire through.

Tom's certainly looks much tidier bonded in place with Sikaflex instead of using P-Clips .... which are the work of the devil, hideous things and should be reserved for under-bonnet use. As long as the rollbar is black the tape covering the cable is hardly noticeable.



You'll have everybody tut-tutting if you do as you suggest and drill a hole in the bar and thread the wire through.  Frankly, I doubt you'd ever regret doing it that way as the bar (I'm assuming it's the FIA type with diagonals) is probably the strongest part of the car and if ever (dread the thought) it was called into 'service' would survive better than the chassis it's bolted to, but that's just my view. 

There is an alternative however, which is to bond the cable to the bar with a bead of Sikaflex or whatever.  Done carefully this can look ok.  


I'd been wondering about drilling the bar to hide the cable. I too doubt very much it would compromise the bars effectiveness.

Does anyone know if the diagonals are simply butt welded to the main frame ie so there's no hole to thread through?