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Ball joint cover. Front suspension.
After a nightmare few hours trying to get the front right ball joint to release, I had to resort to a pickle fork. Now the rubber cover is damaged. Is it possible to purchase these seperately somewhere? Ive looked on CC parts store but can only find the whole assembly at £88ish which isnt going to happen.

Ball joint dimensions are pretty generic. I know Unipart knock out ball joints for under a tenner that you can dismantle.  A visit to a local  motorfactor, or even a breakers yard might get you sorted?


Do you mean the top wishbone joint or the ball joint on the end of the steering rack? 

Gaitors for the former are available from Redline and Caterham HERE

Not sure if gaitors are available for the latter, but worth ringing Redline to enquire. In any event new track rod ends aren't too expensive HERE


Regional Controller North and LADS Joint AR  Drink

Thank you very much folks! Appreciated :) I could not find them on CC parts site when I first looked.

Take the old one into a local motor factors. I bought a couple for a fiver over the shelf

Beals do a range of  boots and lots of other goodies. Here