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Get a gel battery, no nasty acid to spill and drip into the footwell ruining the ali floor.  

Alan Reeves
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PGM sell the Odessey 535 ? which is smaller and they produce a top and bottom via

a printer to secure the battery. Its neat and I have one...not cheap

whatever I dont see why one would buy an acid battery and in particular a non sealed battery.




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Re #11, a funny story about daisy wheel timers:

Back in the 90s when Windows 3.1 was the operating system of choice for many software developers we had a satellite system for receiving natural gas futures trading information. This system would regularly freeze due to the operating system hanging. We put in a daisy wheel power timer to cycle it off for 15 mins every hour. Some bright spark named it CTOPS "Canadian Tire Oscillating Power System" as we had bought the daisy wheel timer for $10 or so on sale at Canadian Tire.

CTOPS became part of the trading system technology diagram and was prominent yet oddly un-explainable by the CEO and CFO for what the acronym meant, when they negotiated the sale of the trading exchange to US buyers when it was moving $6bn of natural gas through the system in the late 90s.


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I've got a AGM style battery from PGM, who do a kit so it fits perfectly in the original battery tray, with a top to retain the strap that goes over the top. Super happy with it, with very high cranking amps. They are just 10 miles down the road from me by the way.


John Vine
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Does not matter how careful you are with the maintenance of a Banner from my experience they can die as quickly as three years. Unless very lucky.

I must be inordinately lucky as my Banner is almost six years old and still starts the 7 easily.  Mind you, it lives on an AccuMate, which itself is almost 13 years old.  I do check electrolyte levels frequently, although they barely drop.


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JV. I have to agree with you completely. My Banner is now 8 years old and is connected to an Accumate too. It is connected 24/7.


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Has anyone used one of these (Enduroline EC680)? 
It seems to be a close equivalent, but perhaps slightly better spec., to the much loved Odyssey PC680 but at a lower price. I think it is Tayna's own brand battery. https://www.tayna.co.uk/motorcycle-batteries/enduroline/ec680/