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Bilstein Lower Bush replacement

I am just about to replace the lower bush on the front suspension damper.  

Initially i thought this would be an easy job utilising the 2 sockets and a vice to drift out the old one.  This was harder than I expected due to the bush not being a true cylinder but a having a narrower middle than the ends.   

I am assuming the fitting of the new one is just a reverse of above?  

However, before I apply brute force to this is there a better / easier . special tool for doing this.  

As always any top tips would be greatly appreciated.



From the archives.

But there also seems to be a general feeling that a rebuild by Bilstein is good value.


PS: I'd change the title on the duplicate post on order to concentrate the discussion here.

Thanks JK as I suspected a bit of lube and a brute force seems to be the answer.  

Post title changed as suggested.


That looks useful.  I'll try with the vice first and if that doesn't work I'll be off to machinemart.  

If you use a vice you can push the rubber bush about 75% home, leave it in the vice and use a tyre iron protected with a cloth or a piece of hardwood to work the body so that the rubber bush will be fully seated