'Bleeding Brakes" literally

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It seems you have been pointed in the right direction. I usually use an eezibleed to do the initial bleeding as it's a very reliable way of pushing the bulk of the air out. I usually then finish off using the pedal as that seems to winkle out the last few bubbles.

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I find Gunson's Eazibleed very effective for flush through fresh fluid or for bleeding a system which has been drained for whatever reason, or freshly rebuilt. Just do not use the bottle reservoir to carry extra fluid into the system. If you get an air leak you will have a big mess!
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I change brake fluid in 1 h using less than 1 litre and all on my own but i use a compressor to put pressure on the system

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None of these posts addresses how to bleed brakes with two separate master brake cylinders, one for the front brakes, the other for the rear brakes, obviously activated by the single brake pedal. If bleeding one, how is the pressure in the other closed system compensated?