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I am not sure if you have looked at Sonic Comms who do a lot of stuff for police and military, you may be interested in their induction loop and covert earpiece systems that could be adapted for our use although it will have some limitations. Possibly of more interest is their bone phone transducer systems used in Police bike helmets. No wind noise as all sound is bone transmitted and it allows for the ear canals to be blocked for aural protection.

Obviously that is just the user end and the interface allowing ease fo use and ease of expansion for radios etc is the other bit. It is encouraging to know that a Caterham individual is on the case. Best of luck.


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Thanks for your comprehensive reply, I look forward to your headset product launch.

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Hi Frogman, thanks for the information that is really kind of you.

I started to think outside the box and asked myself 'if I was flying a Tiger Moth how would I talk to the passenger?' Smile


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I really like our Sena SPH10 headsets being on-ear rather then full over head, it suits what I want from the Caterham better with a more open feel, the only issue is they need a little more amplification when running at speed with earplugs. I have wired Ultimate Ear ear buds and I'm tempted to try to add a socket/connection to the SPH10 to give better sound like the Sena 20S units, to me they'd then be near perfect.

Pretty well all Sena units work well (like most other BT units) with phone, nav, PMR etc, long gone are the days of bad connectivity and battery life and the range is very impressive, particularly multi bike/car with the latest "mesh" technology. Any newcomer to the market really needs to include mesh type connectivity because PMR add-ons are gradually becoming old hat in preference to the simplicity of full Bluetooth.


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Watching with interest.