Cleaning/Restoring Carbon Fibre parts

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Cleaning/Restoring Carbon Fibre parts

I've had a search through the archives but I'm struggling to find any suggestions.

My car is something of a bitsa with several different types of Carbon Fibre parts on it from MOG, RiF and other places.

Some of which are starting to look a bit tatty, they are all unpainted. Just wondering if there were any suggestions for good cleaning products and something that might help get rid of some of the spots that have appeared.

Geoff Brown
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Unpainted CF is vulnerable to UV & moisture which causes the spots. Inevitably intrusion of moisture could cause the weave to lift. 

Apparently WD40 brings bare CF back to life.  There probably are polishes that can restore the bare finish but IMO a coat or two of lacquer is best.


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Read or heard somewhere (age thing)  that heat via a hot air gun or similar does the trick.

  Fits with Geoff's moisture suggestion too. 

Guess it sounds a brave thing to do on your nice carbon panels, good to test the theory on scrap parts first perhaps. 

Also could get yourself in a whole lotta trouble using the wife's expensive hair dryer !! 


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If you aren't getting in trouble from SWMBO for pushing the limits between garage and home integration, then you aren't trying :)

Last week for me was being told off for using one of the better oven dishes (as it was the right size) to heat an ABS pulse ring to 250C in the oven and get it out to the car before loosing too much heat, before shrink fitting it to the axle. I did use a welding glove instead of oven glove to handle it, though.

Also tend to get a lot of hassle for using "best clothes" for doing things in the garage which seemed like a quick and simple job and then getting grease, dirt or other contaminant on them which isn't noticed until they are thrown at me after coming out of the washing machine, together with some choice words.


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Reminds me of one of the area organisers who cleaned his cylinder head in the dish washer! Needed a liberal coating of duck oil once out, to stop the salt corroding the steel parts!

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Bumper black provides a temporary fix - I've used the Autoglym one. Needs to be reapplied fairly regularly to maintain a nice finish.