E10 petrol statement from Caterham

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Has anyone investigated the need for a raised compression ratio, longer injection pulse and more ignition advance for E10 fuel as it should produce less power than straight 95 octane?

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Thank you for the information Tim.


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SHELL V -Power is E5 & will be retailed at most SHELL outlets.

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The intention (currently) is that all super unleaded brands will remain maximum E5.

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On one of the other forums I go on (VW Transporter), one of the members is a tanker driver. He says that the refineries are now having to make super unleaded in its own right. Currently it is E5 with an additive package to boost it. 

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am sure this topic will be of increasing interest to our members, so I have taken the liberty of making this thread a 'sticky' to assist those wanting to find information on the use of E10/E5 fuel in their cars.

To add some 'real world' experience, I lived in France for six years, and as an early adopter of the E10 SP95 fuel, I used this fuel frequently in my car which is a Yr 2000 K series. Often I had no choice, if I wanted to fill up!

I did change my rubber water hoses for silicone, but apart from that I used the car as intended. I had no issues.

Due to the small number of real miles I do with my car, I do use super unleaded anyway now I am in the UK again - but just wanted to let people know my experiences.

Richard Nichol


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For engines/kit that has a long period out of use it's worth considering synthetic petrol for storage. My camping petrol stove always runs on it and my mower engine is run dry then 1 ltr of synthetic fuel added when it gets a service at the end of the growing season. An instant start in the Spring is assured.

  Available from lawn and garden specialists, it's branded Aspen and comes in two and four stroke versions. Contains zero ethanol and has a shelf life of well over 5 years . No one really knows what the true max shelf life is but it's more than 5 years. Jets etc will not gum up using this fuel. The downside is that it costs around £18 for 5 litres. This said, you don't use much and it's cheaper that ultrasonic cleaning of carb bodies. 

Pete C