Fitting mirrors on the stanchion

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Fitting mirrors on the stanchion

Hi all 

Pretty keen on fitting side mirrors to the windscreen stanchion as I really enjoy driving with and without doors. Think they would need to fit in the second hole down on the windscreen stanchion (going to remove the bottom mirror bracket shortly).

I've seen the following options for side mirrors, they look pretty good, not too expensive and don't stick out too much.
1. Racetech F1 Side Mirror 
2. Lifeline MSA Formula Mirror
3. Spa Mirror + pillar mount 

Would really like to get your thoughts on any of these options and how easy they would be to fit based on experiences? 

Thanks all!

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Hi, I had the Racetech single seater convex mirrors fitted to my old car with the pillar mount in your 3rd link.

Very easy to fit to the screw hole you indicated and gave a much better rear view than the standard ones.

Only problem is not being able to open doors fully, you do get used to it but passengers tend to keep moving the mirror when they get in or out.

I you would like to sell the Eccles mounts that you currently have I would be interested.



Tony P
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Before you purchase, check the size (i.e. the size of the glass area).

The models intended primarily for (or at least named as such) single seaters are small; I mean tiny. They may suit you fine (as they appear to have done for Alan) but on the other hand, even if convex, they might not be what you were expecting.

Tony Pashley

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I drilled 5.0mm and tapped M6x1 ... either side of that centre screw. Loosened three screws that hold screen to stanchion and used a bit of wood where I was drilling. Used cap head screws that didn't protrude past the inside face of the stanchion. SPA mirrors awful. Ref clamp screws at mirror head and base of arm
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I have the Racetech 'single seater' mirrors fastened into one of the original door mirror holes.

They work fine there, for me, good vision, no vibration, can open door fully. 

As Sid hove, these mirrors might be a bit small on the stanchion, depending on your seating position, especially the near side.

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Hi Scott

I am thinking of putting mirrors on my 1997 S3 and wondered if you had a photo or 2 you could post?

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I fitted these (RH link only below):

Mounts onto the windscreen stanchion hole as per you pic.  Remove existing screw, check depth of hole and cut length of mounting screw on mirror mount to ensure it does not bottom out onto windscreen glass before flange tightens onto stanchion, drill out existing thread using 5.5mm drill, tap hole 1/4 x 28 UNF.  Tighten mounts onto stanchions and fit and adjust mirrors.

Based on my experience you should tighten the mirrors onto the mounts again later as they "settle" into the adjustment area.

Down side - you cannot fully open the doors

Plus side - much better rearward visibility, both on road and track.

Extra tip - I have sprayed mine dayglow orange to add more "here I am" warning to other road users.

Brian J Hall