Gear oil for ford 4 speed box and live axle

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Gear oil for ford 4 speed box and live axle

The owners manual I have says EP80 for the box and EP90 for the axle.  It seems though that these daysthe gear oils are multi-grade 80w90.

What are the right oils please?  Sorry for the repeat question as I am sure it will have come up before!

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I put Redline MTL in my 4 speed, and some of Road and Race Transmissions special brew (80W-90 GL5) in the rear axle, after I put my quaife atb in it, and on their advice, and from all the info on Ital axles, overfilled it by quite a bit.


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I've always used regular 80 mineral oil in the gearbox, as original spec, for road and race - Castrol EP or Transmax are readily available. An 80w90 is a lot more viscous than an 80 mineral so probably not a good choice for the box.  I used 90 mineral when I had an Ital diff but only for a couple of years before swapping to a Quaife ATB. I've used various oils in that, currently it's Fuchs Titan Race Syn 5 75w90 which Quaife recommended.