Half doors - how many poppers do you have

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Half doors - how many poppers do you have

Just wondering if there is a minimum amount of poppers required . 

Many thanks 


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My soft, vinyl half-doors have 5 each. The layout matches the tonneau.


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I would say that having two on the leading edge with at least the top one on the scuttle curve is a directional popper as this one takes the most wind pressure.  And the one on the bottom rear edge right in front of the rear arch.

I have got an additional one for the middle of the rear arch between your elbow and shoulder but this one tends to come undone with my arm resting against it.  So that's 3....

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Certainly these on the leading edge



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I have 4 with one of the special locking type at the top front - stays on at well above the motorway legal speed limit (or so I've been told)... Whistle

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