Handbrake cable routing

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Handbrake cable routing

Hi could someone help with maybe pics of the handbrake cable routing from the diff location to the caliper. I have tried a few different places to fix it with zip ties but never seems quite right. Thanks 

Jonathan Kay
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If you’d like a copy of the Assembly Guide please send me a Private Message with your email address. 


Geoff Brown
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Two 'P' clips bolted together located uppermost a third of the way in on the chassis diagonal is best. Clip on cable, larger clip on diagonal. Before tightening ensure that there is clearance between anti roll bar block & cable. Move in/out or adjust vertical to suit.

Hang cable with tie wrap from rear top corner of diff to get the curve in the routing to avoid De dion tube & drive shafts.

Employing only tie wraps you will find that over a short period the cable will migrate often gnawing away at the roll bar block & damage the powder coating.

Apologies about the picture orientation but uploading it has for some reason turned it 45 degrees. UP is to the left & inboard is to the TOP of the picture.