Headlamp reflector corrosion

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Headlamp reflector corrosion


The lower area of both my car headlamps have corroded reflectors (see images). These are standard 2015 5.3/4 glass headlamps.

I do drive the car in wet weather. How common is this issue for other wet weather drivers?

I plan on replacing the headlamps with these from Caterham https://caterhamparts.co.uk/headlights/1932-headlamp-glass-rhd-2015-onwards.html

Any tips to prevent corrosion from occurring again, or at least slow it down?

Thank you



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The powder coating started falling away in chunks on my 2018 car headlamp rims in less than 2 years, closer examination/poking revealed that the powder coat hadn't apparently adhered properly in the first place to the rim so once water got underneath the end was nigh.






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The factory lights are of poor quality. Mine rusted in the same way. I changed for Hella (German) and they appear far better quality and the light output is noticeably better too. The downside is that the lens is almost flat so they look a bit different.