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Headlight lens stone chip repair.

Can anyone recommend a glass repair product (that they have used) to back fill this chip and plug the tiny hole through to the front of the lens. It’s only a temporary repair until I can source another lens. 

Thanks Andy




Sellotape? Or Insulation tape, as racers do.

But it would need to go `all across the headlight and onto body of lamp as heat may unstick a small piece.

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That’ll look a bit naff, I just want a blob of the right stuff to plop inside to seal it up.

I was going to use some araldite but I’ve used it all up on something else so wanted to know if there was something I could pick up tomorrow to do a neater job.

Have you looked at DIY windscreen chip repair kits on eBay?


7" or 5.75" .... I have a few spares.

I've just used clear epoxy in the past. Always worked well. 

As above: clear epoxy eg Crystal Araldite.


I’ve impatiently glued the chip back in with clear gorilla (super) glue because I couldn’t wait for the morning to get some Crystal Araldite. I hope it’s going to be ok, I’ll see what it’s like in the morning.

Did it work?


I filled a hole in mine with superglue .

It seems to work OK in keeping the rain out but theres still the chip missing from the rear of the lens . 



SM25T i may be interested in one of your smaller ones if you still have one .. ....?

Will look later.