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Headlight upgrade

Want to upgrade my headlight bulbs i have five and three quarter head lights. Would like to go led bulbs. Believe someone on the forum has done this. Any information would be a great help thank you.

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Yes, it is a very tight squeeze but the Classic Car LED kit does go in.


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Dave Gemzoe sells a pair for about £35, Im pleased with them, not that Ive driven it much in the dark in 2020!  

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Another vote for Gemzoe bulbs. I have had mine checked for MOT legality and they are fine (5 3/4" lights). Not always the case for some on the market.

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I fitted complete LED units into 5.75" bowls. Meant for Harley Davidson bikes. With halo sidelight which is great as a DRL. Flat top dip beam. About £55 each delivered ... on eBay.
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My vote with classiccarleds 4 years h4 led bulbs get lot of use 5 3/4 bowls. Get the side lights done too for drl they are bright enough to drive in the dark... ...

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Another vote for classiccarleds. Duncan was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. These are the ones I've fitted and I'm really pleased, they are so much brighter.


And the sidelights are:


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I have fitted Gemzoe Motorsport's LED bulbs this year. They are a direct swap for the H4 bulbs, and very easy to do. Dave includes a step by step guide, and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete. 

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Yet another vote for Classiccarleds - vast improvement and easy fit

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Hi Malcolml my only input would be avoid the cheap cheap ebay stuff, after one replacement pair then absolutely confoundingly the new set on dip beam showed high beam on high beam I had high and dip!

Tried everything bench testing etc and the manufacturer even advised put the left one in the right and vica versa, err really? Quite funny really went back to halogen reliability, instead of blinded other road users...

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I've literally just bought the headlights, side lights, break, reverse and fog LEDs from classiccarleds... I know need to figure out how to fit then... well, the headlights at least as the rest I'm assuming are pretty simple.  Have you any tips on fitting the headlights?