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Stephen I'm not convinced the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 are being correctly applied not just for headlights but for other lights as well. I really believe some light installs are plain dangerous clearly following form before function.


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Ive just got a pair of these - Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inch Halo LED Headlight: (Compatible with Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob Super Wide Glide Low Rider Night Rod Train Softail Deuce Custom Sportster Iron 883-Black with Angel Eyes). They were recommended to me by a couple of members who rated them highly.


Available with black or silver centres to match the light bowls - £55.99 each - e marked complete units with nice flat top dip (once adjusted obviously) - about 20 mins to fit, plug and play. The halo can be wired into the sidelight circuit if desired - I haven't attempted that as yet, it was too cold in the garage.




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Will see what my friendly tester does. He currently still thinks my 2008 CSR is visible smoke only! Don't know how the system allows him to do this but haven't questioned it although the car should pass. 

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Big row yesterday on FB with Arnie targeting Gemzoe Motorsport again with his post on LEDs bulbs. If LEDs bulbs are fitted to a unit designed for halogen yes it's a fail. But following this I spoke to two MOT stations and they both said it's only the light pattern they are intrested in. They are not allowed to take the light apart to check so as long as they are not scattering light everywhere they wouldn't fail them. There was the part about insurance being void if you vehicle is modified. But as my insurance company said when I told them my 7 wasnt standard show me a 7 that's not modified. I am guessing it's a choice if you want safe night driving or dim lights that apply to the letter of the law . Powerful do a 7" defender conversion that looks like a decent solution at £199 a pair I might look at them if I have issues with the current set up. It's just that I don't like the look of the LED total units

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