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K Series Cam Belt change intervals.

What is the recommended period to change the cambelt on a 1.8K Series.

Looking through my owners hand book it says 48,000 miles.

My service record shows it was done by the previous owner in 2012, at the time the car was 8 years old but had only done 4500 miles.

7 years later it's on 11000 miles.

 I'm guessing I need to get it done soon by virtue of age if not miles,am I right?

What else should I look to be getting done at same time, water pump?

Any and all advice welcome, thanks in advance.




... by virtue of age if not miles... 

James Whiting told me maximum of 5y, regardless of mileage.

Previous discussion.


Lots in the archives on belt changing (best advice comes from Oily). Do water pump and manual tensioner at the same time along with the alternator belt. If it has a manual tensioner you should be able to fit the slightly wider vvc belt. Not ofait with auto tensioner variant. Gates belts are the ones to use along with INA tensioner. Water pump needs to have metal impellers (not plastic).



Thank you both, I should have looked closer at archives.

As I have two left hands when it comes to spannering I'll be ringing Redline or Tech 7 for their assistance.

Once again thanks



Manual tensioner cambelt  Gates 5416XS, auto tensioner cambelt Gates 5497XS, both are wide belts (26mm).

Auto tensioners are usually disrupted on the surface of the plastic roller, I always linish these flat and polish with P1200 paper to avoid uneven stress on the belt.

No more than 30,000 miles or 4 years would be my advice.


And watch out for the Gates complete 'belt, tensioner and waterpump' kits.. I bought one expecting top quality, only to find a plastic impeller water pump in it.