Master Cylinder flare type

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chris whitlow
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Master Cylinder flare type

I need to replace the unions on my brake master cylinder, as they're both leaking, but I don't know if I need a tool for a DIN mushroom flare or an SAE bubble flare.

Does anyone know?



Jonathan Kay
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I don't, and I can't find a definitive answer in the archives.

But here's what I'd do:

  1. Find and post the part number that's on the cylinder.
  2. Add a photo of the old male here and/or use this web search.
  3. Look inside the cylinder fitting and use this web search.
  4. Ask Redline.

That's in no particular order, but if I could only have one it would be 4.


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The flare making kit I borrowed / used had several formers for different sizes / shapes of flare. With the instruction and a few trial goes, it was pretty easy. Most flaring kits could be the same?

BECs Rule !
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I replaced all of my brake pipes last year as it was ex-academy and as a consequence, some of them were not as neat as I would have liked.

The kit I borrowed had various flare ends. It's just a matter of finding one the same and a bit of trial and error to make the perfect bubble. It's a steep learning curve so you will pick it up quickly, just remember that the one that came out will have deformed slightly.

The only one that was flared differently is where the rear brake pipe stops on the chassis above the rear diff.

That was a double flare from memory.