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Minute adjustments of steering wheel

Hi is it possible to make minute adjustments to the steering wheel to rotate it so that it lines up square with the straight ahead driving position without resorting to adjusting at the track rods?

My steering wheel is about 3 degrees (only really a tiny amount) of kilter 


A small adjustment on each track-rod end will work. Start with 1/6 (one flat) of a turn out on one side and the same amount in on the other side.

If the steering wheel is off to the left when driving straight ahead, then the left hand track-rod end needs to be lengthened (out) and the right hand needs to be shortened (in).


3 degrees sounds like it is possibly the alignment of the splines on the bottom of your steering column that sits into the U/J with the rack. If your car is running straight on an uncambered road, I'd try the following. Roll the car back and forward with no steering input to get the road wheels running true. Then slacken and remove the locking bolt that holds the splined end of the steering column into the U/J. Gently ease the column out of the splines by pulling the steering wheel rearwards.  Reinsert the column with the steering wheel cantered. Refit the bolt and locking nut and tighten all back together.


There are approximately 40 teeth on the steering rack spline, so one spline would be 9 degrees or so.


I think setting the tracking by eye is easy on the seven as you have full visibility of the wheels. Just apply the same number of turns each side and you'll be fine.




I think its too small an adjustment for moving column by a single spline 

Looks like its track rod adjustment!

thanks for the responses


Andrew, the amount you need to adjust should be achievable by making minor adjustments to the track rods.

Simply rotating the column by a spline is quite frankly bad maintenance and ultimately could prove unsafe, it's being done without knowledge of what's happening at the track rods. If such a marked adjustment is needed, it's necessary to check how much of the track rods are threaded into the track rod ends, and only when it's determined these are "similar" should the column be adjusted at the splines. If the car has been built and maintained correctly, no "adjustment" should ever be needed at the splines.


Just tried 1/8th turn at track rods which is not enough so trying some more now

Just for reference this is a newly fitted new rack that I have aligned using a Track Ace but just need steering wheel centre-ing

Andrew if you need the track setting this is given in the build manual towards the back.  Stu's point about checking the similarity of threads each side is well made. Are your track rod ends both the originals and identical.   Re your comment about having replaced the rack, if you have changed the rack, the steering col U/J would have been disconnected and refitted on the rack splines.




I have the track settings for my car and now have it as 18' toe-in which is good for a S3 DeDion K series Supersport

​I had to fit a new rack as the old one had play inboard of the knuckles

Fitted new TREs having noted turns required to remove old ones, set tracking but now just need a minute recetreing of steering wheel

Good point about amount of thread which is fine both sides - both pretty similar amount of thread showing

Finally happy with result


Why did they get rid of the flats on the track rods which would have made it sooooo much easier

Why did they get rid of the flats on the track rods...

Could they be hiding behind the rack gaiter?