Normal K - Series Engine noise when cold

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Alex - I only mention forged pistons because with TBs, your cams, an Emerald and a decent exhaust, you're going to be reaching or exceeding the the maximum bhp & rpm the standard pistons can withstand! Also, you will without a doubt start driving the car harder (the sound of the TBs is intoxicating)...the last thing you want happening after rebuilding your pride and joy is for the engine to go 'pop'. Think of forged pistons as an insurance policy.

As I said before, I would really recommend talking to DVA to see what he would suggest...

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Fair point Nick, I'll look into it.  Sounds like I need to go earn some more ££.   I will call DVA as soon as I get a moment to discuss,  As the car was last fettled with by DVA I'd like this to continue Beer

Cheers Stu for the info :)

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