Number plate niggles

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Number plate niggles

First day of my first real blat around mid Wales today  after newly acquiring my car a couple of months ago and the front number plate fell off! DIscovered it was only stuck on with double sided tape but hey ho, it is what it is. I've not really had a close look at it yet but a cursory examination suggests there is not a  lot of places to screw it on securely. What is the preferred method? Alternatively can I get away with a number plate sticker on the nose cone of a 1999 car?

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Private Message sent.

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Rub it with dirt, stick it in the boot and if you get stopped say it fell off just 5 minutes ago.  Works for many, not something I do myself but my 3/4 size plate may end up with a bigger fine.

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Proper number plate foam double sided tape works a treat, sticks like s##t to a blanket. Plate and body work need to be very clean before use

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The fine for no plate is smaller than a misrepresented plate. Given the plethora of automated enforcement, I do wonder why it's not more common place for people to run without plates - other than the difficulty of getting fuel where AIUI stations often have ANPR systems to record in case of non-payment, and a lack of plate being fairly obvious on the rare occasion you might pass a real police car.



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My front plate is held on with two plastic number plate bolts but this does necessitate drilling the nose cone.

Some people have stick on plates at the leading edge of the nose cone. Again some debate on the legalities in the archive. You can get these online with correct specification reflective backing. They look / fit much nicer with a 5 digit (or less) registration.

I'd have the latter if it wasn't for the fact I have two holes in my nose cone!


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Use a bike plate 3x9 with correct front and spacing on the front secured with 3M Dual lock, fits perfectly and look right

If you have a 5 character number they look even better, the rear plate can be a short 16" version too  

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Velcro Brand Heavy Duty Stick-On Tape 1mx50mm from Screwfix £7.99.  Found this works very well and can be removed without damaging paintwork.

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What Brian said Arrow Up


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As K7 VCT suggests use double sided tape. Just done it myself. Halfords does a 6 mm thick foam tape for number-plates for less than £3. Having the thick tape increases the surface area sticking to the curves of the nose cone.


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I would also welcome a little advice on this one; IVA and DVLA permitting I will be able to drive my new 310 S from middish October and I have been having the question of front plate placing rumbling around my head for a bit. All suggestions welcome as to how to fix it on.

The slight issue I have is that I am a serving officer Cop who's white hatted colleagues want to take her out for a spin and will also grief me like mad for the 'it just fell off' line - personally I am ok with that line but the force tends not to be so... (spoilsports) Rofl