is the Quaife ATB the only LSD available for Ital axle?

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Thanks for the manual Elie. You sure need a lot of specialist tools!

elie boone
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Paul, some diffs had been build with collapsable spacers, it was never desigend like that and it could be a reason your diff gave up. The diff i am refering to has been all his life (1996 ) in a Academy/Graduate and for the last 5 years on Toyo 888 tyres for about 6 track days a year and since 3 years the engine has about 155 bhp. 2 months ago the CWP was replaced as it was worn witch is not bad for 20 years.

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@OliverSedlacek did you ever get a LSD in?

@elie boone you have me thinking my 96 scholarship SP worked Ital is bullet proof against the 100 hp Xflow.  But I still think a LSD would be an improvement.

Any advice?  Thanks for the links.