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Rear Fog Light

My rear fog light disintegrated on a recent trip to Dorset.  Due probably to petrol damage.  I have bought a new unit from Just Add Lightness.  Just fitted and connected into the same connector.  I cant seem to get the light to illuminate.  I have checked the connection is firmly in, checked the fuse is not damaged and it visually looks ok, have checked when on fully beam and on dipped.  All other lights are working.  Am I missing anything or is it a faulty unit from just add lightness?  Didnt have my multimeter with me to check bulb but will do so when back at my garage.  

Any other things to check would be appreciated.  


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LEDs are polarity sensitive.

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PM sent

Just Add Lightness
High Performance LED Lights & Accessories for the Caterham 7

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Same issue here - did you get to a solution?