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Hi there and like you I'm coming back to 7 usage after a bit of a lay off. Not sure if you've already started the engine but if not here is my advice I picked up from a race engine builder.

Regarding the engine, one of the key things is to get it lubricated before you run it. My procedure is going to be this: make sure car is level and has fresh oil, disconnect fuel pump, remove spark plugs, squirt a bit of diesel via atomising spray into each cylinder to provide some initial lube to the piston rings, then turn the engine over and wait for the oil pressure gauge to start showing pressure. You may need one or two battery recharges for this. 

Once you've got oil pressure you are good to re-connect everything and fire her up.

Happy runnings!

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Disconnecting the injectors and spinning on the starter builds oil pressure quickly.  I do this after changing the oil to get the oil from the dry sump bellhousing oil tank to the engine before starting.   

How far did you get with all the other items on the long list of recommisionning jobs? 

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Don't forget the interior.

If your kids are over 125cm you can get a backless booster seat which I found worked really well with the standard harnesses. Halfords are selling them for £10 at the moment. I drove my car for quite a few years always with the booster always in the passenger seat so I could collect/dropoff the kids from school.


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