Service period- brake and fuel hoses?

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.....and then wash in dilute sulphuric acid scrub with sawdust and thoroughly rinse in water afterwards, this removes all the oxidization ideal if you are working the copper so the oxide doesn't get worked back in to the surface.

Brass however should not be quenched after heating as this fractures the structure

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Or just replace the copper washer with a new one! 

My fuel hoses, particularly the two with swaged ends and fittings are original, so 23 years old.  I don't know why I didnt think of this earlier in the rebuild, but they need changing.  I've been following this and the other thread on Oertiker clips and will place an eBay order today.  Before I do, I just want to get clear what I need to do.  

Do I cut the fittings of the old rubber tube (using my Dremel probably) by cutting a line along the side of the metal fitting at the end of the pipe, and prizing the sleeve bit off, then puling the banjo (or whatever fitting) that is down the pipe bore? I don't want to slice through the pipe and cut the fitting within the bore.  Is this more or less right?  

And finally, is one hose clip adequate, or do I need two on each union?  

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One is fine. Yes, just cut through the wedding band type crimp without going through the hose to the hose end fitting inside. Once cut, prise it apart with a flat blade screwdriver and pull the hose off the end fitting. It is very easy.