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side wall cracking CR500

I have noticed side wall cracking in my 15 inch Avon CR 500, only on the inside wall. is this a common occurrence? 

I thought that there had been previous correspondence over this matter but as of yet i am unable to find it. 

Your thoughts Please,


There is.


Thank you Jonathan for the directions to the appropriate archive. 

I wonder what the chances of Avon accepting the possibility of a quality control issue? 

I am fortunate in having a spare set of wheels also shod with CR 500 which are older and show no signs of defect,(as of this point in time).



Mostly inner faces of rears. Helped encourage me to ditch them and switch to a far cheaper and more durable tyre !

I have just changed mine at 9000 miles and still useable.

once deflated the old tyres were cracked and a couple severely so. I had been checking them

and they looked fine with air in them.

handling is rather better now!