Soda blasting chassis tubes

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How do you soda blast an assembled car?  Won't it make a horrible mess, and how do you avoid blasting what you don't want to blast if you're working on a narrow chassis tube?   If its localized rust, use the tried and trusted methods set out above to take off the rust, prep and repaint.  If its bad enough to need blasting and recoating, well, that's a whole different kettle of fish!  If its the suspension components, you can remove from the car, press out the bushes and get them blasted and recoated.     

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I'd heard soda was good for localised removal of scale and that it had no effect on rubber seals and bushes etc, hence the appeal.

Looks like I need to do more research.

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Jonathan Kay
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"Robust, waterproof silcone carbide abrasive. High-performance, long lasting alternative to traditional sandpapers. Non-splintering and non-rusting."

Oy. That's my spelling mistake!