Sorry, tyres again. 14” ZV3 replacements

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Rain expert 3 for me too.

Use my Caterham everyday in all weathers, on all sorts of roads, and I can rely on their grip all the time - especially when I need to stop 'cos some pillock hasn't seen me.

16psi ish all round and they GRIP, certainly more than enough for road use. 

I too used the Avons until I couldn't get them, then switched the rear to the latest Avon a few years ago, ZV3 still on the front.  They seemed okay until I moved the new Avons to the front after a year, and fitted Rain Experts to the rear - and promptly nearly crashed on a damp corner on the way to work that hadn't given me any grief in the previous 15yrs.

Rain Experts were fitted all round the same week.

I'm quite happy with less then absolute grip in the dry, for the reliable grip in all other conditions. 


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Roadsport06 said:

DJ - you say that your Uniroyal tyres are better in the rain than ZV3. Do you have any experience with R888 or similar to compare the two? R888 are so much better in the rain than ZV3 too.

I haven't tried R888 tyres, the only specialist tyres I have used were three sets of Yokohama a021r. They had a very soft compound, so were extremely grippy in the dry, were good in damp/wet and enough channels to be Ok in deeper water. I have to say they were probably the ideal tyre for a Seven in my opinion, but they did wear out very quickly. Of course now they are unavailable.

Compared to the Rain Expert, there was definitely more grip in the dry, and I suspect more in damp conditions. However, when I swapped to the Uniroyals, I took it very easy to start and then kept pushing a little harder, I have to say that after one spirited wet autumn drive, I was amazed how good the Uniroyals were.

Bricol said:

I'm quite happy with less then absolute grip in the dry, for the reliable grip in all other conditions. 

This sums it up well for me Smile

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Thanks for the responses. An interesting debate has developed. 


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One thing is for certain from the rain expert users that have posted is that I wouldn't be using ZV3/ZV5 tyres. It would be nice to have a comparison with them and R888, especially in the wet. I've found R888 surprisingly good in the wet. Not that I push such a lightweight car in the wet.
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I also need tyres for 14 in wheels.  Looking at the MSA Lists 1 a and 1b,  (so I could do Gurston Hillclimb events, and maybe Castle Combe Sprints).

Thinking that R888r's are a bit extreme dry,  Would appreciate advice.   

Russ P

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I’ve used ZV3, Uniroyal Rain Sport (not sure what the difference is between sport and expert) and ZZS, albeit on 13”. Rain Sport are a noticeable improvement over ZV3 but not as good as ZZS in the dry (not used them in the wet). Rain Sport have huge cut outs and along with their shape nowhere near the contact area of a track day tyre like ZZS or I suppose R888. As a road only tyre I find the Rain Sports a good choice and quite inexpensive.

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Has anybody got any experience with Nankang NS2R's??


Jonathan Kay
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They don't get mentioned as much as some others, but there are a few comments in the archives.


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I’ve got Nankangs in the soft compound and prefer them to my old ZV3’s. It isn’t much if a comparison I’m afraid but they seem to work. Yes a bit iffy in standing water but most things are I suspect if you don’t slow down a bit. You can definitely lean on them in the dry with confidence. 150bhp Roadsport by the way.