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Steering gators and ball joint boots?

Are these available through a normal car parts supplier or due to it being a Caterham rack are they only available direct?

Need to get and fit before the MOT Friday morning, so hope I can just pick up locally to Windsor.

any advice / pearls of wisdom greatly received.

Thanks, Richard

(2001 K series de Dion)

From caterham the gaitors are about 14 quid.


Found this thread - looks like escort parts. Thread has quinton hazel part number


Good find, thank you. It would have helped my search if I had spelt gaitor correctly!


I always use Redline. Overnight post generally.


My gaiters are Quinton Hazel QG1001.  Same as escort mk1 and mk2 and capri.  Pretty much any motor factor will have them. Ball joint boots should be available from any old school motor factors - you'll need an example for sizing.

Did mine recently - day before the MOT, used some "universal" ones from the local motor factor and these were fine, probably identical to the ones that came off.