Sterling immobiliser fob

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Sterling immobiliser fob

Afternoon all,

I appear to have mislaid a set of keys with my immobiliser fob attached and am now down to one. Does anyone know the best route to getting a replacement. It is one of the black teardrop shaped proximity type fitted to a 07 CSR.

I assume that there is a coding issue that will need to be addressed and any info on where that might be done around the Dorchester area would be gratefully received.


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Private Message sent.

grumpy the 7th
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I've got a dog tag attached and engraved with my name and mobile number including the +44 (0) which came to good use after loosing our key and fob near the Pont du Gard, France last year. Fortunately swmbo keeps a spare set in her bag. Morning after I get a text saying they are awaiting collection from a cafe nearby.

£1.00 well spent I thinks!

Obviously not every one would have been bothered enough to go to this trouble.

Bakewell, I prefer a tart