Trailer Tie Down Straps

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Hampshire West AR
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I bought this kit Comes with a bag to keep it all together.

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I use the stamps mentioned for the front wheels at about 2" wide they hold the front of the car very securely. The straps go behind the wheels with a second piece over the front of the wheel. They are like the straps most recovery agents use.


i did find that this design does not work well on the rear wheels may be it just that I have 8" wide wheels. I therefore just stap the chassis down at the back directly using small straps

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If you have at least 0.5m from the wheel to the tie-down point, just looping the strap through the wheel works well, depending on the position of the ratchet.


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I use these ratchet straps, the loop is shorter than the normal 0.5m sling most people use. I find these much easier to position on the wheel as the 0.5m ones are a bit big with little 13" wheels!