Wipac LED headlight upgrade

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You should find a huge improvement! Next will be the improved lens!

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There's quite a lot written about the legality of LED H4 replacements.

The classic car LEDs are stated as CE compliant, but  I'm not sure how an LED H4 can be compliant, simply because the H in H4 stands for Halogen, so you're changing the technology out and there doesn't appear to be a way to test an LED version - the regs need to be updated.

I might be worrying about nothing, but if someone complains/says they were dazzled and the lamp is checked and found to be non compliant, problems may be just around the corner.

I've bought some H4 LEDs but am not sure about fitting them, and may just wait for a compliant unit to come available at a better price than currently - the official Caterham inners are £350 each from JAL.

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Lots of the 7" defender LED light units are E marked.

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Hi Rich,

I spent quite a while going around this loop earlier in the year; hence the previous posts in this thread. Despite huge help from the forum, the situation is far from absolute and as ever, I think an element of judgement is needed.

IIt sounds like we are in similar places. Where I got to is as follows:

1) The cheap Chinese copies of sealed LED units are not generally worth buying. I know this because I bought a pair, tempted by the low cost and ease of fitting. They look good, but if you watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peFLmu2MfTg) it explains in good humor where they fall down. The ones I have are sort of correctly marked, they have a DOT SAE E9 marking where the 9 is so small I had to take a picture of the lens and zoom in to max to see it. I also took some pictures of the spread pattern they create and it was variable at best. I eventually decided that it just wasn't worth the bother of worrying about MOT's and compliance.

2) For me, the Caterham units are too expensive for the benefit at the moment, but I don't doubt that they are fully compliant.

3) At the recommendation of this forum, I purchased some H4 LED replacement bulbs which fit nicely into the existing units and crucially the beam/spread pattern is then generated by the existing glass lens which is correctly marked. To me, this is undoubtedly the best approach, they were easy to fit, less than £50 for the pair and included LED sidelights. The brightness and beam pattern are perfect (as you expect being behind the original lens) and they still maintain the same classic look. My MOT is due in December and, as long as I get the alignment right, I see no reason why they shouldn't pass.

I hope that this helps?


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James your correct, putting an e marked bulb into an e marked unit does not make an e marked lamp as the whole unit needs testing and approval in order to gain this.

This applies to front or rear light, I have pointed this out many times as you can easily come unstuck in a shunt with insurance companies....

LED headlights, JW speaker and the ones JWM / Fiore sold are fully compliant, the later with flt dip so good for touring overseas too.