Brands Hatch track day 2020

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Brands Hatch track day 2020

Who else has booked ? seems like it might be on Thumb Up

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The Lotus-on-Track sessions at the same event have just been cancelled, sadly. It was an excellent deal, which I booked back in February (£280 for the day, including one additional driver and one passenger, and £100 cheaper than the L7Club equivalent, running on the same day). But not so excellent when cancelled  Grumpy 

So I've now booked with the Club instead (£340, no second driver or passenger), though was briefly tempted by MSV, who are offering sessions of their own on the same day at £319.  Still, it will be nice to be on track with other Caterhams, of course.

LoT's reason for cancelling was that they felt the COVID- related social distancing restrictions on the day, as defined by MSV, will spoil the event, but I'm not sure I agree.  The MSV approach is set out here:

On the whole I think all that sounds very sensible. Track time is unaffected, which is the main thing...

So I'm delighted the L7Club event is going ahead and am much looking forward to it - see you all there!

Stephen Byebye